“Thanks to Ms. Smith I am a proud U.S. citizen now. Too bad that I don't need Ms. Smith's outstanding services as an Immigration Lawyer anymore. However, if you have any immigration related issue that requires a hard-working, down-to-earth, accessible attorney who will do everything in her power to help you and your family, Ms. Hilary Smith should be your 1st choice.”

Marc Jacquinot, Former Client


"Hilary provided excellent service throughout my Green Card process. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Rita Avotins Ardt, Former Client

"I have known Ms. Hilary Smith for over ten years as an expert in the field of immigration. She has a passion for her clients, immigration law, and keeps abreast of the changes in immigration law. Equally, if not more important, her clients love her! If you need an immigration specialist I highly recommend Hilary. You can reach me at (770) 792-1000 if you have additional questions."

Roger Ghai, Attorney at Law


“Hilary is a great, professional attorney with extensive experience in the legal field. Immigration is one of the fields ... Many cases won over the years and many happy clients. True Professional!”

Max Kvasnin, Client


“Ms Smith is a dedicated immigration law lawyer. She is very passionate about the area of law and very knowledgeable of the subject matter. My company has used her to help our employees with immigration issues and saved cost over large law firms while having a personal touch. She adds value by being multilingual. I am also proud to know her as a friend and classmate.”

Burl Finkelstein, Executive VP and General Counsel
Kason Industries, Inc.
Newnan, Georgia


“Hilary and I have known each other for almost 30 years. We met while working in Atlanta, Georgia and immediately I knew she has the same strong, dedication to detail and customers and service that I had. Even though I moved back to Michigan, we have maintained that friendship. She even talked me into going to law school. Then talked me through law school. Thank you, Hilary. Today, I see that she still has that same strong dedication to her clients as she did to her customers and her friends. Her clients are very fortunate indeed to have a trustworthy warrior in their corner."

Leslie A. Butler, Attorney at Law" 

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