Beware of "immigration consultants" and "notarios" !

Be cautious of anyone who offers to help you apply for immigration benefits  who is not an experienced immigration attorney.

Be especially cautious of non-lawyers ("notarios" or "immigration consultants") who claim that they can help you with your immigration case, or "fix your papers". They are not licensed legal professionals. A "notary" in the U.S. is not the same as a "notary" or "notario"  in many other countries, and does not have any special legal training and expertise unless that person is also a lawyer.

It is strongly advised that you seek legal counsel from an experienced immigration attorney before proceeding with your immigration matters.

The USCIS has repeatedly stressed the importance of consulting with an immigration attorney, and avoiding being scammed by "notarios" or "immigration consultants". Beware of fraud and deception and any offers of "legal assistant" from people who are not licenses attorneys. In the U.S., notarios can have no legal background and cannot legally practice law or represent you unless they are also licensed attorneys. Anyone claiming they can expedite your case should NOT be trusted. A case may be delayed and damaged by "notarios" and may result in a denial and deportation.

When a change of Address to USCIS may be required!

Most non-U.S. citizens must report a change of address to USCIS within ten (10) days of moving. This includes U.S. permanent residents as well as non-U.S. citizen children.

A change of address can be done by completing Form AR-11 and mailing it to USCIS. It can also be done on-line from the USCIS website. If you have an application or petition pending with USCIS, be ready to give USCIS the receipt number so that the new address can be matched to your case and you can receive future notices. This is very important !

To do a change of address with USCIS, consult with an immigration attorney, or go to the USCIS website:

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